Welcome to the Conscious Soul Centre

Healing Services in Perth

Our Vision

The Conscious Soul Centre aims to provide a forum and a nurturing environment whereby all forms of personal healing and well being is a priority. To deliver a high quality level of care and professionalism that will facilitate an atmosphere of genuine caring and help.

We have a vision of a centre that will make available many teachers and many masters happy to share their knowledge, love and integrity.


The Conscious Soul Centre offers a variety of modalities and qualified practitioners to suit both newcomers and those already familiar with healing practices. Through the application and use of any one of the many modalities we offer, many of life's challenges can be greatly lessened or resolved, allowing you to be at peace with yourself and the world in general.


There are many aspects of the self that we allow to govern how we perceive our reality. By investigating their influences in our lives we can be at a place of conscious choice of who we are and how we feel. The more we accept responsibility for our co creations the more personal power and freedom we reclaim back for ourselves. [Read our Testimonials]

Respite for Healers

We are working towards providing a respite centre for healers who also require support and nurturing as much their clients. "Healer, heal thy self." We encourage healers from all walks of life including GPs, Nurses, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Carers, Social workers, Masseurs, Parents and anyone wishing to lift their own vibration to one of joy, to embrace their own healing journey to make the most of their own personal skills.

At this stage we provide sessions for healers who may require assistance with their own healing, as we all do from time to time. We can provide this regardless of your own personal modalities. [Read what others have said]

Self Empowerment

The Conscious Soul Centre values self empowerment, to this end we take great enjoyment in seeing people throwing away their crutches to walk tall and with joy. These crutches may be such things as nicotine, alcohol, anger, sadness, addictive substances, attachment love, neediness and anything that prevents us from being the moment that we live in.


The ability to enjoy our life, in general, comes to us when we learn to accept what is for us in that moment. By saying to yourself, "Ok so this where I am just now, what needs to change so that the situation is more enjoyable?" can be very enlightening if you are only willing to have the patience for the answer(s) to turn up. Once acceptance has truly been gained then an appreciation or wisdom of why you are where you are can be found. Without some form of acceptance this is almost impossible and so the real value of the process is lost.


Being truthful about yourself on all levels produces a profound healing.

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