Corporate Development

What about us?

The Corporate sector of the community can be a mentally and physically challenging one.


Businesses require an enormous input of energy for their success. All personel who have a hand in maintaining the business have their own personality and therefore aspects of self that can be supportive or not supportive for the business. It is impossible for it to be otherwise.

There are businesses that may be unprosperous due to a huge variety of reasons. Economics, poor judgement, inexperience. Are these reasons of our own making? Are they a collective in a landscape of the employees, business owner or of the business? Do they reflect on your own inner landscape?

The Conscious Soul Centre offer an opportunity to view your business from a different perspective regardless of it’s level of prosperity at this time. We aim to bring a cohesion and sense of integrity to employees and management.

How is this achieved?

We offer a variety of options, which can be decided during an initial interview to understand the desired result.

The most succinct programs will include any combination of:

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming to enhance and support the performance of team members
  • Performance Consulting. Including uncovering the deeper issues (beliefs, values, Meta Programs) that may not be in alignment with that business or the philosophies of Management
  • Earth Healing at relevant sites of the business utilizing Sacred Geometry and/ or Liquid Crystals.
  • Individual sessions for upper, middle and lower management to ensure their values are aligned to that of the business

The end result will be a cohesive, creative team collective moving the business forward with an energy of integrity

Your Practitioner

Roger Hobday