Earth Healing


What is it about
Working with the Earth’s Akashic Record to heal wounded memories, entities and codes down loaded by humanity and other wounded entities who have journeyed upon the Earth’s surface.

What does this really mean

Every particle of Earth has a vibration. Every living thing has a vibration. Every action, thought and feeling has a vibration. Accumulated lower vibrations held within the Earth have an effect on the occupants of that area. People can align themselves (unknowingly) to lower vibrations which will at some level match their own wounding. This in turn can affect emotions, Psychic or Physical well being and behaviour of those occupying that part of the Earth. In other words if you and the wounding held within the Earth resonate at the same vibration, then the effects on your own personal journey will be magnified.

What are the benefits?

A more harmonious environment. One where the energies of where you are, be it home or work will be more conducive to an atmosphere of balance.

For those who are actively embracing their spirituality and participating in activities of self awareness, will attain great benefit to that process by also offering where they live the same opportunity. Emotional, financial, spiritual and health issues will have new alignments to allow you to investigate what needs attention in a more supportive manner. The need for harsh adjustments will be greatly alleviated as you support the land and the land supports you.

How often should I have my home treated

This will vary for each property and it’s occupants. Each healing will bring benefits for an indefinite time. However, as one issue is uncovered and treated other aspects may come forward for healing when they are ready. Your practitioner will advise as to what the land has requested for the next healing for the highest good of all.

What will happen

Your Practitioner will set up an alignment grid to access the Akashic Records of your property. Every area will be lovingly treated. All rooms, sheds, garages and gardens. Release points will be activated. Information may be gathered as to the wounding the area holds and presented at the end of the treatment.

Should I have treatment myself

The simple answer is yes. If you are changing the vibration of your property, it makes sense to investigate and realign your own personal energies. The reverse could also be considered. Your personal issues will on some level impact on your home / land / work place.

What does it cost

Earth Healings are $300.00 per treatment per standard domestic housing block.
Ask for a quote for larger areas and your businesses

How long does it take

Most homes will take 2 – 3 hours.
Businesses can be done after hours for the minimum disruption

Liquid Crystals can also be used in the Earth Healing.

Your Practitioner

Roger Hobday