Energy Clearing & Balancing


Energy clearing and Balancing can be achieved by many methods; some of the methods use crystals, sound, light, intention and or movement (such as Yoga) and may require hands on healing methods.

Our preferred method is to first assess where there is an imbalance within someone’s energy system and through the use of hands on Reiki, sound and or crystals bring the energies back into balance. At the same time clearing any stale or stagnant energy from the Chakras.

Bringing your energies back into balance can effect great change in the way you deal with the world at large and allow you to see life from a new perspective.

Realigning one’s systems allows for a smooth flow of energies between the chakras and through the chakras. This in turn enhances such things as creativity, self empowerment, self awareness and greater self-worth.

It is much easier to exercise the qualities that we all seek such as compassion, understanding and forgiveness when our energy Systems are flowing freely and clearly.

These results are obtained by Roger’s ability to intuit what is really sitting behind an issue. By listening to the body and feeling the energy Systems  Roger can and will find the root cause of the original imbalance. More than one session maybe required for long term issues.

Your Practitioner

Roger Hobday