Intuitive Healing




Intuitive healing is the ability to detect areas within the physical body and the subtle bodies of a person or being who requires assistance in releasing any thought form energies that no longer support the person and their personal development.

How well this is achieved depends upon how clear the healer is or how well they can step out of their own issues while attending to the client.

Intuitive healing can be of great benefit to those clients who have a knowing of requiring assistance but no idea for what.

In reality what the practitioner is doing, is loving the issue so that it can change from being an issue to a wisdom. Typically the practitioner may have no idea what the issue is and therefore has no bias as to the outcome.

The willingness of the client to receive is enhanced as the lower mind is taken out of the equation and a higher mind is allowed to come in and to perform the work that is required. There is only one requirement for intuitive healing to be effective, and that is the willingness to receive without expectation. Simply knowing that you are worthy of receiving love in all its facets enables you to be receptive to the art of intuitive healing.

Please note that this is mainly a hands on healing modality where the practitioner or practitioners place their hands on the areas of the body requiring treatment.

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Roger Hobday