Liquid Crystals

The liquid Crystals are powerful vibrational remedies made from the Earths Metals, Minerals and Crystals.

They are change facilitators, healing Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and thus Physical imbalance. Justin Moikeha Asar; is the trusted messenger through time of The Liquid Crystals, a secret that he has carried for 16,621 Years, since Atlantis…. To read more

The Liquid Crystals are created via an ancient Lemurian and Atlantian process that embraces Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, Solar, Luna and Universal energy. We have taken thousands of years to be ready for their return and they have taken 15 years to remember, create and perfect for our modern world.

There are 77 Single Crystals in the Liquid Crystal range, they are not essences or elixirs, but are the next important step forward. Each is a holistic representation of that mineral. Which is achieved by collecting stones from every country, region and area of the world where that mineral is found and reuniting them. This often meant thousands of pieces of the same mineral from different origins brought back into Unity and Oneness.

By reuniting the crystals, the doorways to the ancient Master Devas have opened again and they have offered their Names, Ancient Symbolism and their Simple Purposes in service to Humanity, all of which have not been available since Atlantis. Physical issues and emotional issues can be treated with the Crystals.

Why Liquid Crystals?
Over the years, stones and crystals which are all minerals, have had many properties assigned to them. This, coupled with their geometric structure and colour, provides an energy that we can benefit from. These benefits are obtained by imprinting a minerals’ unique vibrational healing signature into water and holding it there with it’s own natural geometries. This gives it life as a liquid that can be safely taken into the body to effect healing.

How do they work
A human being is made up of Minerals and the energetic Geometric structures they contain, so simply integrates the Liquid Crystal’s geometric structure. This exchange affects the energy and physical bodies creating an outward expression of healing.

Your Practitioners

Louise Kahan or Roger Hobday

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