Room sprays


$25.00 100 ml (plus post and handling)
Useful for clearing old and stale energy that may cloud thought and perception. Great for clearing Healing rooms, Meeting Rooms and Bedrooms.

Testimonial: “Hey Roger, Just letting you know that I have been using your mixed essence spray in my bedroom at night, and I have been sleeping through the night (well 7-9 hours straight anyway), and waking up feeling pretty good. So, with the earth healing, your healing and the essence spray, I have to tell you I feel great! I actually didn’t even have a sleep today, and I have been up since 5am! I am praying it will continue. Have a good week. Jen x”


I would like to endorse a set of meditation audio tracks that can be found on the website . We have listened to a few of these tracks after being contacted by the author/composer to see if we would interested in assisting him to gain exposure. We found that they assisted in clearing the mind and shifting energies. If you are starting to learn meditation and you finding difficult to clear your mind we feel sure that these audio tracks will help.

I would also like to take the time to Endorse The Crystal Caven in Carmel Western Australia for any and all your crystal requirements. (

You will be hard pressed to find better prices for the same quality of stock anywhere within the metro area and the quality is good.