Sacred Geometry


The Sacred Geometry Fulcrum Point Program Levels 1 – 3 have been channelled from the sixth dimension of the Andromedian Galaxy by Devahnah Ellandria.

This dimension is untouched by the duality of light and dark or separation consciousness.

This is the point from which pure thought, colour, sound and light take on numerological significance and geometric form.

The Master Coders of Andromeda, Ascended Masters, the Elohim, the Archangels who interface with Earth and the Inner Earth council of Elders exist on this Dimension Level. From the sixth dimension upwards all of the realms are exclusively of light.

The Master Coders of Andromeda and the Inner Earth Council are intimately linked as co creators of humanity and Earth’s geometric blue Print.

Wise, loving and ancient they share perspectives on Humanities potential designed to expand our hearts mind and perception on what we can achieve during this time of rapid spiritual growth.

Every aspect of this healing modality is focussed on developing and strengthening your bond with the God/Goddess you are in ways that truly nurture your spirit and encourage you to express yourself from a place of peace authenticity and joy.

Working with specific templates and holding a space of safety and nurturing the practitioner will assist you to discover what shadow self sits in your psyche. By healing these aspects we clear our energy field of disharmony while gaining the wisdom of the shadow aspects journey. This frees us to embrace more of who we truly are, the authentic masculine, the authentic feminine. Some of the method of this modality requires hand placement to several areas of the body. These include the abdomen, chest, forehead and top of head. The practitioner may also be intuitively guided to provide hands on healing to other areas of the body.

Your Practitioner

Roger Hobday