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Roger Hobday

Testimonial for Roger Hobday, 2014

It may sound a bit over the top but I feel Roger has saved my life and without doubt he has smoothed this and future life journeys. Roger has helped me to see who I truly am and he has given me hope. For this I am eternally grateful.

When I first met Roger I felt quite hopeless. I was in a place where I had trouble seeing the light in the world. I felt depressed, unworthy and riddled with guilt and shame. I was living in the past and lacked hope for my future.  I was so hard on myself and that reflected on my relationships with the people around me. Roger helped me to disentangle myself from my negative thought processes, to define myself with positive ones, to understand my many aspects and to become more of my true self. As a result, I am a changed woman and this in turn has helped those around me to change as well. What a gift.

The healing journey is not always an easy one.  It’s called inner work after all. At times after some of my healings the challenge felt almost too great, especially initially, but Roger knew exactly how far to challenge me. He gently guided me to grow in awareness and to broaden my perspective, to reflect and understand, rather than react blindly. Roger did this by peeling away layers of conditioning and hurts, confusion and excuses. It’s not always easy to be this exposed, to feel vulnerable, but there is strength in allowing this to happen.

I trust Roger implicitly. Roger is a Master of healing. He is very modest about his abilities, but very confident, experienced and exceptionally well guided. When I’m in a healing session with Roger, I feel like I’m home – I’m safe and protected, I’m trusted and he does not judge me. This allows for really open conversations that help me to see more clearly and that enable healing. However, Roger doesn’t necessarily give you all the answers you want to hear. He will likely give you some that you’d rather not hear. But they will ring with authenticity and you will know to trust where you are guided. I love Roger’s directness. Sometimes parts of me don’t but then I know that’s where more work needs to be done!

Roger is a bit like the beach to me. The beach for me is a place where I feel I can reconnect with all that there is. I am a drop in the ocean and I am the ocean at once. It’s a place where I do some of my best thinking, where I can breathe deeply. A place where I feel stripped bare, no hiding, I can just be myself unashamedly. A place where my senses are stimulated and I feel restored. There is such strength and majesty, gentleness and calmness at once. Whether a sunny summer’s morning or a stormy winter’s evening, the energy is powerful, cleansing and always healing. You can dance on the water’s edge, lean against the dunes or you can take the full plunge into the depths of the ocean. It’s your choice. You may look out toward the vastness of all that there is, realise how little you understand, how much is hidden beneath the waves but you are happy just to be who you are in that moment. Such is a healing with Roger.

I am very much a work in progress, so human and I love it. I am very grateful that I have crossed paths with Roger in this lifetime and he has empowered me so.

Many thanks to you Roger. You are a blessing in my life and I am very grateful.

With love and light to you,

Melissa J

 December 2013

How can you begin to describe the gratitude inside, when you feel like someone has saved you’re life?

Thats how I feel about the help that Roger has given me in our time working on my healing.

To say I no longer feel like a tortured soul is such a profound thing for me. To feel like I am standing in the light at the end of the tunnel is such an incredible feeling. Especially after feeling so lost and alone my entire life. Maybe even lifetimes.

The guidance and support Roger has given me I could never truly express without sounding like a complete sook lol. But instead I wanted to share my very positive healing experience with others in hope that it can give some inspiration to reach out. There is help there for you..when you feel like you have tried everything and still do not know where to turn.

Pick up your phone and call The Conscious Soul Centre.

Thank you Roger for changing my life 🙂


Thank you Roger,
I was pregnant with my second child when I met Roger whilst I was in my mosaic class. I was told there was gentleman next door who had an incredible sixth sense that to date had never failed in predicting the sex of an unborn child.

On holding my wedding rings, Roger asked to be able to talk to me in private; I was not to be a cut and dry case. I like many of us, was a damaged soul, wounded by the recent events of my life. Seven months earlier our beautiful son George was to die as a stillbirth at 36 weeks. The fragility of life had been highlighted and my next pregnancy was of course filled with fears and anxieties.

Roger and I were to talk for some time on that day as on meeting him he already knew of my scars and oh so much more, yet our paths had not crossed and this was all sent to him through the energy of my rings. Many cleansing tears were shed as he spoke of our heart ache, fears and the most destructive of all emotions BLAME. To hear a stranger being able to vocalise your inner turmoil that resonates with truth, makes you feel slightly vulnerable and exposed yet knowing that it is an integral part of your recovery. We spoke of my blockages and worked on affirmations to put some demons to rest.

I was truly amazed at the accuracy and detail that Roger provided me with, which went beyond me to my husband, my beloved son and my unborn daughter. Roger did predict the sex of our next child to be a vivacious girl, and that all will go well which it did and we were blessed by another beautiful baby on the 29th July 05.

I don’t believe anything happens by coincidence, he was one of the many guardian angels put in my path to hold my hand.

Roger and I have continued to meet and I have always found him to provide me with an uncannily clear picture. (I thought my husband could read me well!) I cherish the work he has done with me and credit the clarity and focus that I live my life by to him and many others.



Roger has helped me with aspects of my growth that I couldn’t have seen on my own. I felt safe and really nurtured throughout the session. From then on I have been more and more relaxed with my ideas and thoughts becoming clearer and changes happening without effort. I truly value the depth of Rogers understanding and caring in what he does.

West Perth


I have always wanted to explore the spiritual side of my nature and after continual contact with Roger over the last 8 months; I am becoming more clear as I progress with the Sacred Geometry healing treatments. I would recommend Roger to anyone who seeks to start or further their spiritual journey.

Louise K


It is with great pleasure I write this testimonial on behalf of Roger Hobday. I have experienced Roger’s practice of Sacred Geometry and am surprised and astounded by the results. Being a natural skeptic, I was wary in the beginning, my partner is very persuasive and convinced me to give it a go.

Expecting nothing, imagine my surprise at Roger’s ability to talk about events in my past without prior knowledge! Detail he gave was amazing, only I knew of the events, he recounted as though there. Even more surprising, the effect it has had on my life. I find clarity, despite believing I had it before, I am now aware I did not. Roger told me about events in my past and their effect on the present..

Scratch one skeptic!

Roger focuses on issues and tells it as he sees it, something which has appeal to me. Although he states he is not clairvoyant, I disagree and suggest he has abilities and gifts well beyond his claims. He keeps you informed and answers questions through the whole process which is important to me. The other issue which he dedicates time to is an after session talk. This allows him to fully explain everything he has seen, what he has done and why and to answer questions. He will tell you what you need to hear, regardless of whether you want hear it. Anyone who is prepared to do that in today’s world is worth their weight in gold.

Regardless of the mystique surrounding practices like sacred geometry, my interpretation, it is a form of self empowered counselling. Think of yourself as a power station, Roger a light switch and changes or improvements you want in your life as a light bulb. You have no knowledge of either power station or light switch. Roger helps you see both, you throw the switch! The power station is no longer an issue because you know it’s there, otherwise the light could not work. You suddenly realise, it’s not big issues that confront, rather a series of small combining to create larger problems in life. The most powerful, best equipped power station is of no value to your lights until you throw the switch. To take this analogy further, sometimes globes are blown, Roger helps you see how to change them! As long as you are alive, nothing can’t be fixed.

Sound weird? Sound too simple? Take a challenge from a self confessed skeptic and try Roger Hobday. I did, to please my partner, and could never have imagined what a favour she was doing me. It was an act of love on her part, but then she already knew that.



16th August 2007
Dear Roger, Healing. What does it mean to me? Up to 2003 it meant a trip to the doctor.
In 2002 two major things happened to me, the passing of a parent and marriage separation. Life was never the same. I was struck with illness I never new possible. Doctors gave me so many drugs I threw allergic reactions to them. What was going on? I realised I had to help myself, but how? Where do I start?

One night I was listening to the radio and a lady who is a healer and clairvoyant was on. I rang and spoke to the gentleman who had her on air; he kindly gave me her phone number. I called only to find she lived 200Km away in Collie. The lady gave me the number of a healer in Perth.

Healer? I wasn’t sure what that was about. Something inside me said you don’t have anything to lose, so I called. “Roger speaking”, that was in 2003. You were on an outing, but took time to speak. Sometimes that’s what people need, someone that will listen. You told me about Reiki and that you could do a healing on me. It was the best thing that has ever happened.

Over the next year you did Reiki healings and my health started to improve. It was hard to believe, I did not need medicine, my aches and pains would go away with Reiki. I went to the library and got books on holistic medicines and therapies, my life was changing.
We kept in contact and I decided to learn Reiki so I could do it for myself when needed. It is a part of my daily practice when needed for friends, family or myself. Other things surfaced, I feared driving in places that I was not familiar with. We spoke about this and you mentioned TFT.

Again I asked for your help.

With ‘tapping techniques’ you have helped me overcome my fear. Just this last week I ventured into something new with you, Sacred Geometry. This is hard to explain, but it was very effective. The effect on my life again has been amazing. Positive things seem to have been around me since this last healing.

Thank you Roger for giving me so much. You are incredible.



22 September 2007

3 days ago Roger Hobday did a great deal of work on me, the inner me and myself in general. You see recently I have been so mixed up inside and haven’t been eating and have been really stressed out to the max. Roger cleansed and healed my spirit and energy and has given me inner strength to carry on with my life and energy for me to take my power back, which I always give out to others.

To be honest I knew Roger was gifted from the moment I met him. I just got this feeling within me like he really understood me. My main fear in this world is to be alone and Roger really comforted me telling me that “you are never alone, everyone and everything is connected to everything” which made me feel really blessed- I was automatically very tired after the 2 sessions he did with me as he had gotten rid of all my angry and hurt energy and replaced it with healing energy. I let go of a lot of the past, which is very hard for me to do.

I have been noticing significant changes in my attitude now and my behaviour in general, for example I had been putting off cleaning my car and room for months and months now and I just randomly had the urge to clean up all of the past and resolve some main points in my life and the way I think and feel about situations.

I would recommend Roger Hobday to anyone seeking guidance and healing (we all need it it’s just a matter of whether we open up to that fact), Roger is very professional and honest and his hands really are healing hands, he is absolutely brilliant, and has a great knowledge in the spiritual realm, acting as a “medium” to the other realm he became in contact with my Grandmother during the healing session and he spoke just like her even though he has never met her as she had passed away before I met him.

Everything he does is truly amazing and enlightening, I am so thankful for him, such a kind gentle spirit and has a very positive energy. Within one day of Roger working on me I was beginning to eat again and get things done that I never get done, and he told me the outside of me is a great indication of how the inside of me is, so an example of things if you have a messy house, then inside you’re a mess, if It’s clean, you are cleaning up your life and moving on in your life. I am choosing to move on in a positive light in my life and although it is due to myself I would not know where to start and would still be muddled if it wasn’t for Mr Hobday.

Yours truly,
Age 22 years.


“I have sometimes felt in my personal growth that I am going round in circles not getting anywhere. I found in the bodywork session with Roger that the information he gives you and the processes he uses to uncover and reveal your true self, and free up blockages, helps to clear a path that has made my growth more enjoyable and easier.

He starts with insights and suggestions all relating to your issues, which I have implemented into my life with amazing results.

The bodywork session uncovers and release past blockages in a very relaxing and non threatening way – these have been revealed to me for many weeks since, in a way that they have easily been dealt with and released. Not only is it a healing and growth process, but I felt completely physically balanced for that day and positive changes in my body have been felt from that day onwards.

I have found that the issues that I was concerned with are continuingly improving and a clear and easy path for a better way is being revealed. I am so happy with the work that Roger does that I am looking forward to using this as a very relaxing and healing process to continuing my person growth in all aspects of my life.”
Tricia – June 2009

This was a 1 hour international phone session done at the time via Skype.

Clerical Solution

3501 Illinois Ave, Apt 04
Louisville, Kentucky 40213
July 7,2010
TO: Roger Hobday
From: Michele Elliott

Our session
I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to sit down and thank you for the incredible impact our session has had on my life.

When we got together I was so totally lost – so totally without direction – incredibly STUCK. When was that? Just a few weeks ago, wasn’t it? The session was intense and I admit I didn’t understand the relevance of most of it. Nor was I familiar with your references.

You mentioned at the end of our session that “they” would be working on me for a few weeks … well, that turned out to be true. Immediately following our session I found I had more energy and required less sleep; that has continued being the case. Best of all, though, Roger .. I have a clear of vision of how to solve my dilemma … how to move forward.

I’m jotting you this note on my new business’s letterhead. I’ve just now set up the infrastructure and remain confident the clientele will come. The world’s been lifted off my shoulders.

Thank you,


Hi Roger,

I don’t know if you like getting feedback, I came for 3 sessions, the last on 9 March 2011.
Thought I would give you a bit of feedback.

As I left your place after the last session, I noticed straight away that the colours seemed brighter (of everything), hard to explain, but I was more aware of them. Then that day I also noticed (and it continues) particularly when I am in the car, that I can “see further” – sort of all the little details of all the buildings, the trees, and things I hadn’t been noticing (like trees I drive past all the time and i then noticed quite a few are DEAD. It seems obvious now.)

I still am getting reptilian references, blue tongue plumbing (with picture of goanna on van), Gecko electrics (with picture Gecko on van) etc etc.

Lots of elf references, in novels, in pictures, people who look so much like elves it’s hard not to comment , a van drove past with “Elvins” on the side, and I thought “hang on ?”

I hope it is the start of a new start. I will have to get on to my legal personal stuff (divorce etc) ASAP, but at some point I may come and see you again as a bit more of a counseling session, as there is one person been hanging around a few years causing issues whom I strongly suspect of being a reptile, but not 100% sure. If it doesn’t resolve, I may need your wisdom again. Thanks very much, you have an incredible gift



Not feeling human for 36 years. Some expressions, excerpts and reflection from one of the shadow healing sessions with Roger Hobday.

No wonder I was not feeling like a human; if you get abused on a daily basis as soon as you are born, I’m not just talking physical abuse more importantly the mental and emotional torture and the feeling of disgust, resulting, sickening ether in the air as soon as my father was present in any room where I was.

My father felt like pass coming out of a rotten animal cadaver and he felt like that to. (For bloody 15 years of my life, then I had the guts to leave).

As Roger Hobday said in one of his shadow healing sessions: you’re not meant to be capable of dealing with such emotions when you are a child it is impossible to do that.
(But as I now know child’s consciousness gets programmed and everything gets absorbed into the brain completely unchecked until the age of seven years; we run our life on the sub consciousness).

I was aware of that revolting feeling since the age of 10 years old but I was I’m able to do anything at all with it since then and believe me I have had so much counseling, Yoga, medium-ship, hypnotherapy and bought help all that it did was give me a better understanding mentally on the brain/thinking level but all it really did a scratch the surface with a dirty towel to make it look more even.

What all these paid people/helpers did was make me understand myself better mentally but not in the world of feelings and emotions. (By now I know that most healers, helpers and the entire professional self-help industry is crippled on the feeling and emotional body/or a level.) They would do themselves a huge favour by having a few sessions with Roger.

That is where Roger Hobday is different, the most important thing for him is, “how does it feel”? He is not interested in what you are thinking nothing gets released said goodbye to unless it feels right for you is the client and all your shadows and do not fear or get hung up thoughts like “oh if I miss something”. Roger with his fine tuned six sense; He will sense and feel everything and it will be dealt with the ut most possible care until it feels right for all parties involved. This is the most important aspect when you get help for your feelings and emotions if you have been wounded so deeply. Anyone else that is not able to feel and handle it with such care is in the end not helping that adding on to the wounding until you become so lost that you cannot trust anything anymore. I personally got really hurt deeply from such professionals many times that is the reason why I know that Roger Hobday is rare.

So going back to the healing path where I felt the first time really human.

Roger Hobday and myself started the healing session, he placed his left hand on my stomach/solar plexus and you instantly get the feeling of being secure, safe and nurtured, with that feeling in place I have found myself to be able to face everything. It does not matter what it is fear, sadness, hatred, anger, shame, abuse, rape, control, manipulation, et cetera. We spoke with the inner child and put her in a golden pot of light and then we went on and spoke with the main feature of the session which was this time the female shadow. I cannot recall the entire conversation that we had with her but below is the feeling that the particular female shadow carried with her.

I still remember how lost and abandoned that female shadow felt(do not be afraid to see reptiles shadows in your healing sessions they are just like any other animal), so much hatred towards her from the humans. She felt like a piece of shit, the last left over bit, that no one cared for her on the entire planet, everybody hated her. She felt that the humans treated her like she would have treated them and in the past she had done this.
She has forgotten her own family, so we help her to remember and as usual eventually released her into the light of her own family with no judgement only with love. She was healed, helped and released and on top of that I as a human started to feel the feeling of compassion towards her/reptiles.

That is how you develop true compassion in your life, until then compassion was just a funny word in the dictionary in my life, I was so hurt myself that I could not feel compassion… Impossible….Now yes I begin to understand and feel what compassion is.

This healing session had a direct and immediate effect.

The feeling after this particular session was incredible. The first time in 36 years to feel like a real human, that I as Olga deserves to live, that I am worthy to exist as a human and do not need to justify my existence to breathe on this planet, it is so so wonderful! It still gives me today a very nice warm shower of feelings all over my body when I think about this moment; it is like I am born-again. And yes the feeling of deserving of being a human has stayed with me ever since that session.

Before that session I had said many times to my husband that “I find it very hard and difficult just to exist as a human being.”But never since that life altering session with Roger. I am actually starting to enjoy living on the planet Earth. That is how life altering a session can be with Roger Hobday if you are willing to participate in it.

The mirror image effect in my own life from that female shadow reptilian.

I have had a pure hatred and terrifying fear of reptiles, not just snakes, it is a revolting feeling that creeps up my spine if I just see one of these lurking beings.(I am now growing out of that one as well).
We got terrorized from our father that we have to kill any snakes that we came across, they are dangerous and that’s it, so I have made many kills on snakes in my childhood.
And the feeling that the female lizard represented is how I exactly felt especially in my childhood and I just left it there are unknowingly to rot until just recently and now it has gone.
Now these days I find that taking care of my body on a daily basis and doing all the necessary tasks I need to exist on the planet have become much easier, before this it was like painful work just to do all the repetitious work of cooking, washing, cleaning, shopping etc.
I personally can recommend Roger Hobday as the ultimate healer for any of your ailments because of his holistic all inclusive approach, his diligence and mindfulness of every word he is saying in a healing session is directly connected with the feeling of the resonance appropriate in every moment. This letter is written out of pure gratefulness from the heart, from a heart that finally has the ability to feel feelings without having to pay of two large cooking knife stuck in.

Thanks Roger, good job.
Regards Olga. 16th of December 2010.


Hi Roger,

I have been to see you twice now – thank you very much for the help that you have provided. I thought I would give you a bit of an update. I find that I am much more balanced, more open with my emotions, feelings, needs and wants.

And one of the biggest things for me is that I no longer feel guilty or worry about putting other people out or upsetting them. I have the confidence to ask or state what I need, advise them that I do not want them to go out of their way as it’s not going to worry me if it cannot be done/provided. If they choose to do this, then I don’t feel guilt or worry about them doing something for me – which is a huge improvement for me. So thank you!

Business is starting to flow again, learning opportunities are popping up and I am accepting the all of me while knowing that there is so much more. I am no longer shying away from my path or from being ‘seen’, in fact I’m beginning to stand up (so to speak) and allow myself to be noticed. I no longer worry about detractors and my doubts re: myself, have diminished.

I’m sure I will see you again, but until then Thank you for my time with you.

Cass Coupland
Co-Creator of Ritual Supplies