Workshops on offer

Roger Hobday with his natural healing abilities and wealth of knowledge will guide you through the first stages of your journey and beyond.

Introduction to Spirituality Level 1


Dates: Saturday, April 11th 2015
Price: $100 per person
Time: 9:30am to around 2:30 pm (
Depending on the number of attendees, 10 places available)_

Roger Hobday, an experienced healer from the Conscious Soul Centre is offering a one day workshop in spirituality. Whether you are new to spirituality or not this workshop offers a wealth of information.

This is for the beginner. It can be very difficult to find a starting point on a new journey. Who can you ask for guidance and who can you trust to give you a solid grounding in the basics. Some of the subjects covered are:

  • Meditation
  • Introduction to your family of Light
  • Connecting to the Earth
  • What is intuition and how to exercise it
  • Understanding how and why we co-create
  • How co-creation effects your journey through life
  • Taking responsibility for self and understanding shadow

For more information, please see our facebook page. And make enquires via that media.

Introduction to Spirituality Level 2

Practicing Healers most welcome
Date: Arranged as Requested.

  • Discussing the value of progressively working on your personal healing.
  • Looking at and understanding individual wounding
  • Your shadow Masculine aspect, your shadow Feminine Aspect and your shadow Inner child. Who are they and how do they affect us.
  • Understanding the values of your patterns/wounding
  • Tools to find out where to pay attention, what ‘triggers’ you and why

Expressions of interest are most welcome as it will assist us with booking the appropriate venues If you would like to be notified of workshops and special events, please contact us.

Liquid Crystal Workshop


Date:  TBA
Time: TBA

Liquid Crystal Workshop, Perth, Western Australia Discover the hidden potential of the Liquid Crystal Oracle Cards. Each card has specific Atlantean symbols and names, and much more which holds the energy of the Master Deva of that Crystal. During this informative and insightful workshop Louise Kahan will be focusing on card activation as a healing tool.

Venue & Booking: TBA. $20.00 per person. Liquid Crystals $7.50 per dose bottle and Oracle Books and cards sets $49.95 will be available to purchase on the day.

For more information, please contact our facebook page.